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Champion of the Champions

The Champions League Competition is one of, if not the, most prestigious competitions in all of sports. There are many best in the world competitions that pit country against country, but only one that puts the greatest league champions against each other. The battle for the European Champions Clubs’ Cup has had a storied history and has featured some of the greatest matches of all time. There have been ten different countries to win the Champions League, with Italy, Spain, and Germany tied at the top with eleven wins each. The best way to see what the cup means and how important it is to all the teams in Europe is to look at how teams qualify.

Qualification for the UEFA Champions League

Qualification for the cup is awarded on a nation by nation basis. Depending on how successful a country is and what their UEFA coefficient is will determine how many teams they get to send to the UEFA Cup. Ranks one through three will get four Champions League teams. Four through six will get three teams for this league as well, and countries ranked seven through fifteen get two teams each and associations ranked sixteen or lower get one position. The determination of what teams get into the Champions league is determined by the individual countries with it usually being awarded to the top team in the top flight league. It can get complicated between the Champions League and the Europa League, but the Champions league is by far the most prestigious league.

For the most part teams that finish from 1st to 4th in the top leagues will advance to the UEFA Champions league. This final ranking spot will also determine whether or not a team has to play in the group stage. Teams that do not have automatic berths into the group stage will have to play through various qualification rounds. In addition to that, because of the high level of competition in the top football leagues it is possible, and has happened in the past, that a previous winner may not even qualify for the cup the following year. There is some flexibility in the rules for placing teams and in these cases exceptions have been made and teams allowed to enter the competition that normally would not have been there.

The competition begins with three preliminary knockout rounds. These knockout rounds slowly whittle the competing field down to the twenty two teams that compete in the group stage. This is the fairest way to give all the teams from around the world a fair shot at getting into the tournament without putting undue stress on the top teams. It is no ones best interest to Real Madrid blow out some team from Turkey, however the team from Turkey should be able to earn the right to play in the final.

Past Champions of the UEFA Champions League

Real Madrid currently has the most titles in the Champions League with nine. They are followed by A.C Milan who has seven titles. These teams have also been runners up many times over. These are the powerhouse teams that will continue to be big players in the tournament for years to come. While this is interesting to many people, perhaps some of the greatest triumphs have been by the unexpected heroes, the teams that no one thought could win it all.

Perhaps the most famous and unlikely was the Football Club from Steaua Bucuresti, a Romanian team. They hold the distinction of being the only Eastern European team to win the championship. You may think that they were a flash in the pan, but they did very well in the tournament the year prior. One huge advantage for Steaua Bucharest was that there were not English clubs in the cup that year because of the ban from European competition after the Heysel Stadium disaster. With Manchester United, Liverpool, and Everton not being present the way was much easier for a smaller club to rise up and knock off one of the bigger things.

One of the other things that Steaua Bucharest had going for them was an outstanding goaltender, Helmuth Duckadam. The final came down to a shootout and was able to save all four of Barcelona’s penalty shots to win the cup for his squad.

Stories like the one about Helmuth Duckadam and Steaua Bucharest are not unique to the Champions League. Each and every year there is a story of a great team rising from nothing to go on to compete against the big clubs and make a run at the championship. If you look at the history of the finals and different group play match ups it tells a story of giants fighting David, with many times the small teams coming on top against amazing odds.

What the Champions League Means

If you are unfamiliar with UEFA, then it is hard to really describe what this tournament is all about. Imagine your favourite sport being played in every country you can think of with all the champions from the different leagues meeting to play for one championship. No matter what your sport is, you can probably see how something like this would be exciting. Over the years some of the greatest match-ups have been between powerhouses of great leagues. Seeing Real Madrid go against Manchester united, or Barcelona against Juventus is what this trophy and league are all about. In order to get in you need to be a Champion and when you win you are the Champion of the Champions. There is nothing else in the world that compares with this.